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Vision & Values

RSC, Gestión de Talento, Éxito Personal y Empresarial

Our aim is to create and develop growth lines according to your personal, profesional and/or business goals, activating the levers of talent and oportunity.
We are a dynamic, curious, indefatigable, constant, creative and open to the World Company, relying on a team of people united by their passion for excellence,efficiency and quantifiable results.

Do you know where you want to go? We can help you get there

Services & Strategies



We offer our expert support in our four business areas in which we have been working for over 25 years:


RSC provides consultancy and outsourcing services for creating or strategically developing your business. From legal matters to international , softlanding, fundraising & investor funding, headhunting, human resources and talent management, branding, corporative reputational culture & communication.


Our expert advice will help you create and develop sustainable non- profit foundations with social vocation, strategic communications for fundraising, brand reputation and transparency of community projects.

RSC servicios y estrategias

Listening to your needs, we provide advise and coaching tools to set up and achieve your vital projects, becoming your change makers, developing your capacities & competences, optimizing your talents, resources and personal branding.


Training contents, senior advice and organization of seminars, workshops & courses on different subject matters such as business development, internationalization, talent management, synergy within teams, human resources development, management skills, creativity & entrepreneurship, executive & emotional leadership.



From definition of your strategic objectives in the short, medium and long term, to its implementation, development and review, optimizing leadership in change management and organizational culture.


Our group of legal advisers can help you your local, national and international legal needs covered.


Because it is not just  a question about how good your product or business is. Your contribution to Society, how good you are with the Community, says a lot about you. We can help you finding the right social cause that fits better with your concerns and values, for a responsible and sustainable leadership.


The human capital of an organization needs to be cared and developed  for the purpose of optimizing their level of commitment and performance. Talent management, career development, training and an adequate remuneration system highlighting precise objectives, milestones and competencies. Your staff is the most visible and direct face of your business, becoming the last and most important prescribers to customers.


We can help you stablish R&D solutions and customized training contents for any hierarchic level of the organization, for individual and/or  team formats like express sessions, seminars, workshops and expert courses.


Ensuring your safe and secure performance on the international markets, from the early stages to forward-looking projections, consolidating long-term economic growth.


Real estate business affaires, residence acquisitions (temporary or permanent) according to your professional and personal needs (additional services such as schools, kindergardens, wellness centers, etc.).


Business success is not only based on doing things right, you have to communicate to transcend within and outside the organization. A strategic communication plan designed in line with your values, your target audience and stakeholders becomes effective from the  very first moment.


The staff and executive board of your company are too important to be left to luck or first impressions. We actively seek the best profile for the job position you need to cover.


We help you to make decisions, to take the first steps, to manage the change you want to create, through analysis and implementation step by step, assuring that it actually becomes a steady progress.

Discover and develop your personal and professional talents and skills in a balanced and sustainable way.

RSC team

RSC provides resources and solutions thanks to a team united by passion for profesional excellence, executive efficiency and quantifiable sustainable results. Together, our staff  has over 100 years of successful business assistance, more than 960.000 hours of experience managing and leading strategical projects for companies, celebrities and individuals.
RSC managing partners:

Rocío Torres Mancera. RSC

Talent management, Business Culture & Comunnications

Founder and partner manager of RSC, she is a consultant, teacher, speaker, writer and coach in Executive Management Skills, Talent Management, Personal Branding and Business Strategic Communications.

Contributes to RSC human capital more than 20 years of national and international experience in strategic business development and human resources, fundraising, internal & external communications and corporate reputation for big companies in the technological, gastronomy and fashion sector, public institutions, business schools, foundations and personal celebrities, optimizing investments and economic returns through talent management.
Among other tittles, she is an Executive MBA by Instituto de Empresa – Master in Management and Business Administration IE Business School, Master in Business Communication and Advertising by ESIC, Management and HR Management, Master in Strategic Management and Innovation in Communication and Bachelor of Social & Organizational Psychology by the University of Malaga, where she is member of the teaching & researching team.

Sonsoles Jiménez Pérez. RSC

Legal, International, Business

Director cofounder of RSC, businesswoman, Lawyer, Corporate Private Law Department Collaborator of the University of Malaga Law Faculty.

She has developed her work and businesses for over 20 years, performing various roles in companies, public and private, local and international. Among others, she has lived in Great Britain, Chile, Mexico, and the United States, developing her career around the World.

Law degree, Master in Economics and Business Administration, Foreign Trade and International Operations, Legal Practice and Legal Business Consultancy.

As for research and publications, she has completed extensive market research in several countries, markets and economic or legal subject matters.

Daniel Torres. Corporate innovation director en  RSC

Corporate innovation director of RSC, contributes to its team more than 25 years of national and international experience in coaching, mentoring, training and advising entrepreneurs, startups and multinational corporate teams in the fields of Creativity, the Arts and the Knowledge Society.

Especialized in multicultural projects, startup and corporate PR, institutional relations and communication, smart money, valuation and development of international business and cooperation programs, he has been CEO at CSEV Fundación Centro Superior para la Enseñanza Virtual, UNED) with a worlwide knowledge platform linkin over 40 european and american universities, and has rule high managing positions in corporations such as  Telefónica group, Halcón Viajes  and Staedtler.

Executive MBA by IE Business School and ISEM (Universidad de Navarra), Senior Telecommunications Engineer; certified, life, executive & team coach by the Instituto Europeo de Coaching, psychotherapist and  expert in emotional release techniques, positive psychology by the University of North Carolina.

Mustafa Tahiri. RSC

International Services RSC Manager, expert in the Arab and Islamic World and Bachelor in Hispanic philology.

He has held commercial management positions in both Spanish and international companies, as well as in various sectors such as renewable energy, telecommunications and agribusiness.

Mustafa provides to the RSC team an in-depth knowledge of European cultures as well as of the Arab-Hispanic ones, with a valuable synergetic effect that greatly facilitates international trade relations with the Maghreb and the Middle East.

Press room





RSC TALENT is supporting the Expert Course “Museum Management and Contemporary Art”, teaching the subject regarding Communications, Marketing and Sponsorship. A high level post degree course organized by Málaga University, Centre Pompidou Málaga, Colección del Museo Ruso de San Petersburgo and Picasso Foundation.



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